11 Jan 2013: India launch of new EMHN book, "Free trade and markets in healthcare: lessons from Asia"

Edited by Philip Stevens and Dr Debashis Chakraborty

At the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Calcutta, 11th January 2013

EMHN launched its new book this week at the 3rd conference of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

The book explores various aspects of trade and healthcare, including the relationship between trade and better health, the need for greater trade in health services, compulsory licensing of drugs, and the trade in fake medicines.  

Contributors also examine health reform in China and the Philippines, and discuss ways of empowering the private sector to contibute to health reform in the Asia region.

For an outline of the book, and to order copies, click here.

The book was launched by Prof Julien Chaisse of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and panellists included Dr Amir Ullah Khan who spoke about the controversies surrounding India's current use of compulsory licenses for pharmaceuticals; Dr Arijita Datta of Calcutta University who examined India's potential for medical tourism; and Dr Biswajit Nag who talked about the potential for greater trade in medical services.


Profs Debashis Chakraborty and Biswajit Nag (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), Prof Julien Chaisse (Chinese University of Hong Kong) & Mr Philip Stevens (EMHN) officially launch the book

















Philip Stevens and Amir Ullah Khan speak about trade and health concerns for India

The audience at the launch of the book